The Turkish Research Program is one of the centers of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, located in Washington, DC[1].


The program was founded in 1995. Under the leadership of founding director Alan Makovsky and interim director Helena Kane Finn, the center introduced the Washington policymaking community to Turkey's leading political, diplomatic, military, and academic figures.[2]

The speakers for the center's events have included, among others, Suleyman Demirel, who thanked the Institute and program for furthering relations between Turkey and the United States[3], and Abdullah Gul.

Since 2003, the director of the Turkish Research Program is Soner Cagaptay.[4]

Mission statementEdit

The Turkish Research Program's goal is to actively engage policymakers in discussion about Turkey's political, diplomatic, and strategic environment. Through its research and publications, Policy Forum luncheons, media appearances, congressional testimony, and seminars – along with special programs such as the Turgut Ozal memorial lecture series and the Turkish Military Fellowship[5] – the Turkish Research Program attempts to discern trends in foreign relations of Turkey and the impact those trends may have on both U.S. interests and US-Turkish relations.

Turgut Ozal Memorial LectureEdit

The Washington Institute established the Turgut Ozal Memorial Lecture to pay lasting tribute to the late Turkish president and to raise the profile of Turkish policy issues in the Washington community. The annual event features a prominent statesman or scholarly expert on Turkey. Those featured include:[6],

Bill Clinton said that “The establishment of this annual lecture series is a fitting tribute to the memory of a great President of the Republic of Turkey and a true friend to the United States.”[7]


Books Edit

Among the Insitute's publications are a number of topical booklets, and the follow full-length books:

Videos and AudioEdit


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