Welcome to The Article Rescue Squadron Wiki

The Article Rescue Squadron Wiki is a collaborative website that archives articles tagged for rescue on other wikis, such as by the members of this group, that anyone can edit! This wiki is intended for continued article improvement in the face of or after deletion elsewhere and its inclusion criteria is for all articles templated for rescue with important exceptions being copyright violations, hoaxes, and libel that are of course not permitted. Administrators on this site will also be members of any Article Rescue Squadron groups to ensure that only rescue templated articles are imported here (this wiki is not Inclusionpedia and is specifically for rescue tagged articles only); however, all are welcome to improve them on this site. Use this site as a sort of extra or super incubator or userfied as well as for the purpose of catalogging what kinds of articles are tagged for rescue on various wikis and in what quantity. When importing to here, be sure to remove any AfD template, but keep the Rescue template in place to 1) verify that the article being imported was indeed templated for rescue and 2) as a constant reminder that the purpose of this wiki is to continue rescuing the article!

Article RescueEdit

Write an introduction to your topic here, to explain to your readers what your topic is all about!

Latest activityEdit

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