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Mark Harrison is a British comic book artist and occasional writer. The bulk of his work has appeared in the comic 2000 AD.[1][2][3][4]

Harrison's fully painted style is notable for its use of strong, dark colours and computer effects, though recent series The Ten-Seconders (written by Rob Williams) shows him moving towards lighter pencilling.


Template:Expand Harrison graduated from School of Art, Bournville in 1982.

He started work at 2000 AD in 1994 working on the Durham Red-related titles[5] as well as Glimmer Rats and The Ten-Seconders.

Harrison has illustrated cards for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

Most recently he has been creating book covers for Abaddon Books.[6]

Harrison joined Oxford based games developer Rebellion as Head of Concept[citation needed] and worked on Star Wars: Battlefront (PSP), Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron[7] and the recent Aliens vs Predator (video game) 2010 release (Xbox 360 and PS3)


Comics work includes:

  • Pulp Sci-Fi:
    • "Grunts" (with Dan Abnett, in 2000 AD #1096, 1998)
    • "Space Weed" (in 2000 AD #1120, 1998)
    • "Blood of Heroes" (in 2000 AD #1126, 1999)
  • The Scarlet Apocrypha (with Dan Abnett):
    • "Genegun SD" (in Judge Dredd Megazine #4.16, 2002)
    • "In the Flesh" (in Judge Dredd Megazine #4.18, 2002)


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