Eugene M. Hyman (born May 14, 1950)[1] is a judge for the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, where he has served for almost 20 years.[2][3] He works in (and helped create) the field of "Therapeutic Jurisprudence," a philosophy and system that advocates treatment for particular categories of offenders, such as domestic violence, which is his specialty.[2][4] Judge Hyman routinely presides over cases in the criminal, family, probate, civil, and delinquency divisions of the court. He is an opponent of the Three strikes law[5] and considered an "international expert on preventing juvenile, family, and domestic violence".[4] Hyman was elected and took his oath of office on January 8, 1997.[1] "Judge Hyman is the first American to receive the United Nations Public Service Award."[6]

Hyman presided over the first family/juvenile violence court in the United States to focus exclusively on teenage victims and perpetrators.[7]

Judicial careerEdit

Hyman has appeared on many television[8][9] and radio shows.[10][11] He routinely speaks to governmental, judicial, and other audiences about domestic violence in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other countries.[12] While in Canberra, Australia during May 2008, Hyman gave a PowerPoint presentation at Australia's Victim Support Act conference. He has published numerous articles on domestic violence.[13] One of his specialties is in the area of domestic violence cases that also include substance abuse and/or mental health. He also specializes in offenses involving sexual abuse, stalking, strangulation, and other unique circumstances that may co-occur with domestic violence.[14] Hyman is a proponent of Australia's Three Strikes law.[15]

Legal conferences participationEdit

In 2003, Hyman was a panelist on domestic violence the 30th annual Western Society of Criminology in Vancouver, Canada.[16]

During May 2010, Hyman was on the "Developing Therapeutic Judging Panel" representing problem-focused domestic violence courts in East Melbourne, Victoria.[17]

Academic relationshipEdit

Hyman is also a lecturer at the Santa Clara University School of Law, where he has taught a Domestic Violence Law Seminar. He has over 20 years of experience as a law instructor.[14]


On June 23, 2008, Hyman, along with the the Santa Clara County Superior Court was honored with the United Nations Public Service Award.[3][18] On the same day in the United States House of Representatives, Zoe Lofgren recognized Hyman for the United Nations award.[6]


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