Canada's Largest Ribfest
The logo of Canada's Largest Ribfest
Begins September 3, 2010
Ends September 6, 2010
Frequency Annual
Location Burlington, Ontario, Canada
First occurrence 1995
Last occurrence September 2009
Participants 175,000

Canada's Largest Ribfest is the name of an annual ribfest food festival held in Spencer Smith Park by the lake shore in the Town of Burlington, Ontario.[1] The Burlington Lakeshore Rotary Club organizes the four-day long Ribfest to raise money for charity[2] during the Labour Day weekend.



The Burlington Lakeshore Rotary Club held the first Ribfest in 1995, then simply called the Ribfest.

By 2001, the festival had expanded to include ribs from 12 traveling rib teams.[3]

The 2004 festival anticipated about 150,000 people eating 36 tonnes of ribs. It was called the Maple Leaf Pork Rotary Ribfest that year.[4]

In early 2009, the Burlington Ribfest rebranded itself as "Canada’s Largest Ribfest"—with its logo redesigned by Little Green Tree.[5] In September, 175,000 people and 18 rib teams attended the 14th annual Canada’s Largest Ribfest, consuming 150,000 lbs of ribs over the weekend. [6][7] An estimated $320,000 was raised for local charities.

In 2010, the Canadian Federal government provided C$98,610 in funding for the Ribfest as part of a C$100 million Marquee Tourism Events Program fund.[8][7][9]

Economic impactEdit


In 2003, an economic study was conducted on "Canada's Largest Ribfest." It found that almost 50% of visitors to the Ribfest come from outside Burlington. About 100% of those who came to the Ribfest would recommend it to out-of-town friends and/or relatives. About 69% said they would attend in 2007. About $1.8 million is being spent in the region by consumers.[10]

Charitable fundraisingEdit


The Ribfest's funds are split to local organizations, business, and hospitals.

This is some of them:

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